Cutest Pigs and Piglets of 2017 Weekly Compilation | Funny Pet Videos

Cutest Pigs and Piglets of 2017 Weekly Compilation | Funny Pet Videos

8:00 - Get your ass off that poor pig dude. What an asshat.
Please, don't fall for people advertising micro or teacup pigs, there is no such breed. Even potbelly pigs grow up to be quite substantial! When the cute piglet overtakes the family dog in size and girth many wind up in shelters, if they are lucky.
A lot of these poor piggies are obese, that's really not good for them. They are super cute though, what personality! :)
I want a mini pig
2:00 what a hound
All I’ve ever wanted is to snuggle with a piglet...
I love pig's they so CUTE
They're not pets, stupid fuck
4:24 4 pigs and a pug. That's what I really needed to see in life, the cutest thing.
I just seen a dog "walk" a mini pig, my life is complete.
It’s cute but it’s ridiculous how people treat their pets and animals in general 😒
So cute!
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so so so cute
Cutest Pigs
Why do some of the mother pigs launch their babies into the air?
Omg that pig mom throwing its kid up in the air. Absolutely hilarious haha i hope it went well
I like this video doesnt show only the baby pigs, when they are adults are pretty cute too

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