Clark Harris Womens Jersey  CUTE MICRO PIG | MINI PIG VIDEO Compilation


que linduuuu
Oi voce e jata
Onde eu adquiro Mine porquinho?
Imagine on one looking st you eating bacon
They Looks so cute like you piggy joe
Bug dog sleeping tore his leg ,he sleep breaking.
These pigs are just to darn cute
Thank god I wasn't given pills to stay the same size or have ever overgrown my cuteness so off you go
Love pig 🐷🐖🐽💖❤❤❤❤
Sorry, aber ich kann die Viecher auf den Tod nicht ab! Wenn mir so ein kleines Biest die ganze Zeit nachlaufen würde dann kriege ich zuviel!
A friend of mine bought a "micro pig" thinking that it will stay the same size but apparently you have to give them these pills or something to prevent them from growing (which is horrible btw) but she didn't know that and the pig isn't allowed in the house anymore and is overgrown and depressed because after the pig grew they didn't think he was cute anymore (which is terrible I know) so they gave the little guy away to a farm...

So do your research people
lol this is what we need.
Awwww i love this video❤
These are sooooo cute wish I could get one .
Vegan here 🖐
I realized I ate pork shnitzel yesterday.I will go and kill myself,I really need to stop eating them If they are my favorite animals....
i’m tearing up their so cute
I own two and they are the loves of my life. They are a lot of work...think three year old twins but bring me so much joy.
Who else will never eat bacon again
Delicious 😋
Wow they look just as good as bacon

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