Crop King Seeds White Widow Feminized 4x4 Room Cannabis Grow Journal Day 42 / Wk 5 Veg

Crop King Seeds White Widow Feminized 4x4 Room Cannabis Grow Journal Day 42 / Wk 5 Veg

Day 42, they should be twice that size on day 42. Not hating man, just don't see WHY you would cut those big fan leafs, that's how your plants pull the nutes. But hey if it works for, more power to ya bro. Growers love.
Not hating but those were your plants ability to make what you want to happen happen . now the plant has to rely on the leaves you left for photosynth . when it could have used those avenues to boost the structure your interested in .
wow and i thought my ww were small..
What's that calendar program bro
Makes them stretch. I'm disappointed in you
Tight grow Homie!!! Love the training, you won't regret it in the end!!! I have Never in my life grown a single cola plant,nor have I ever grown one Straight up outa the soil!!!! Low and effective!!!
You know you did a lot of sacrifice a lot of growth right away by clipping fans. Plants get their sugar intake through them and they need a lot of it.. I didn't watch the entire thing. I watched the first 5 and skipped to the end. You have the LST down tho. Just a ex mine are a quarter the age of yours in here and they are surpassing them by far. I'm expecting to get around 5oz per after 11 weeks
keep on trying all your ways and tech' for us all to see ur;s so we pass info of trial n hope no failure)) Thanks
How often can I top a ww plant?
Can you tell me about your 5 gallon buckets? Are they lined with felt or nah?
The New vids are up!!!
what do you feed it an fertilize it withi just germinated and planted my seeds
Nice very nice
Keep doing what ya doing Mayne
We've had that before it's called stress and it can be induced with the pH being slightly off 🎷
We think you're doing a great job 😎
Plants looking good man!

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