Cranial Nerve Examination Role Play | ASMR

Cranial Nerve Examination Role Play | ASMR

Its been 6 years but this is still one of my favourites.
first asmr video i ever fell asleep watching. 3 years ago i think...
Where'd you go ... I miss you so ... Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. I can't believe it's been over 5 years I have been following your channel. I miss the early days of the whisper community. I hope you are well Nicole.
im not english native speaker...could someone explain those "kah" sounds?, they sound the same to me
do one hearing test, great voice for whispering
this chick is fat
That's cute. You meant nostril, not nose.
when you're awake 24 hpurs and start enjoyinf rhe sans padt ovdr and ocer, but then try to replay the part more but apparently fhe time i was starting to lksten at was only the right place for the first few times o.O now can find it..
"Hi guys, I know what your thinking." says the ad that looks like the 80's. "what's dorko?" "no, I was thinking about being lonely trying to fall asleep at 5:23 am." I think to myself, a slight tear forming under my eye knowing my bed will be occupied by just me for another month.
Seriously, you help solve my bouts of insomnia!
forza genk recently uploaded this to their channel /:
First ever ASMR artist I watched, and still the one I always go back to. 😴
You and GentleWhispering make the most triggering videos.  Thank you!
Your voice is honestly one of the best asmr voices I've heard!
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''Block one nose''
''Sniff with your other nose''
Never knew I had an extra nose
I love your voice!
This is amazing!
probably the best ASMR channel name :)
Ah, one of the good ol originals. This puts me to sleep every time.

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