Cow Mooing for her friend

Cow Mooing for her friend

Sooo cute <3
What’s the matter? Lady, look at where they are!
sounds like bessy my pet breeding hefored she moo”ed for her calf silly bessy cuz she let it walk away..
If their mooing or so they could be talking or possibly calling for calf..
did that cow just moo?
friend comes. cow shits itself.
I read some of the comments and just cannot understand how anyone for a few minutes of palate pleasure is willing to kill a sentient emotional other being. I know you treat them fairly but how you justify their slaughter is beyond me.
Did she get reunited with her friend?
Let your grandchild watch the slaughter video and see how great it is then. Cows don't want to be killed!! That is the ultimate betrayal and let down! Sheesh.
How could you make and post a video showing a cow missing her best friend after only minutes apart and then also say you enjoy milk and steak!?! Mind-boggled how anyone could be that aware of the love, loving bonds, friendships, consciousness of such wonderful, kind and gentle creatures and then enjoy consuming her slaughtered carcass? Wow insanity at it's best and worst.
whats the matter pierre too afraid to call me a racist or a sexist you call me a psychopath and then hide? pfft virtue signallers are so cowardly i bet youre eating a slab of bacon right now you hypocrite
I love cows 🐃🐂🐄🐮
I work on a dairy farm! I've seen this before! They are intelligent although I've been told otherwise! Thanks for sharing..this is sweet! :))
Awwww, I love
hello, Vrinda Kanchan, I think that probably what  Sailor Saturn69 was trying to say is that we all depend on another species...and sometimes it's good and tastes good and other times it's not so good, if you don't agree with how we look after our animals then don't look, if you don't like milk then don't drink it, if you think that fish are brutally slaughtered then don't eat them,if you think that plants suffer when we cut them then don't eat them, simple!
I love cows
Now I'm hungry.. 
Fresians moos are so loud .you should look up cow bawling its even cuter than this
those black and white cows
are loud mooooers 

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