Couple Buys 300 Acres Of Barren Land, Converts It Into India's First Private Wildlife Sanctuary

Couple Buys 300 Acres Of Barren Land, Converts It Into India's First Private Wildlife Sanctuary

white people dont do it in their countries but they go to countries like India, africa because they feel that they are superior and have to teach everything, they have money so they may do it, what about others and 1.3 billion people where do the food comes,
before whites came everything was ok they came the cut whole forests in India and sent it to britain and now they come to say you have no forests, we have to reamind them that their ancestors were responsible for India to be in such a worst position.
Grt couples
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The people who "disliked" this video are probably loggers.
Yes its mine aim too I have decided to take help of permaculture for living and helping farmers to switch to organic and I will use 99 percent land for forest but sad I'm of 16 so I had to study hard to get into iit or nit and get a high paying job collect about 50 lakh in about 4-5 years and then buy land and do farming and reforestation rest of my life I don't want to beg to my parents also I know they will be not happy by my decision specially my mom
Definitely..I will do it
I am doing it too. This is why i was born.
Wow there's lots of Indians here that speak just as good English as me and have the same values. I am from Australia and everywhere I have lived I plant as many trees and plants as I can :)
ವ್ಹಾ... 🙏🏻👌🏼
Now this is what I call awesome,instead of of terraformi ng mars we need to terraform our own back to how it should have been
Bow down to this couple. You two areal human beings and may be I should call you YOGIS.
Felt like touching your feet.
To Pamela and her husband - I bow my head with folded hands to you . You did this for the planet but also for India and the community you decided to live in . I hope to have the energy , courage , generosity and will to someday do the same thing you did
thanks world need more people like you))
I have a vision of doing the same too
Really great work
My Salutes
What a selfless contribution from foreigners. Wish those Indians who have stashed their wealth in foreign locations illegally to evade TAX here in India will learn something.
Love and respect for you both from the bottom of my heart..

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