Construction + Banished #4 = Livestock

Construction + Banished #4 = Livestock

Sheep are easy to breed unlike cows. I had troubles with `em, they wont breed for some reason and just die after a while.
You can assign your pasture on the left side of your farmland. Also, you may consider a fallow period for each kind of crops.
Farmer was killed because you had assigned him as a stone cutter.
Great video mate.
*rest i hate autocorrect
Framers become labours in the winter months so just keep about 5 for summer and the forest will catch up in the winter
You should have just bought 4 sheep, because you could afford it, and let them breed.
I think you should put in another fishing port to get more food.  That farmer might have been killed while clearing a rock.  It was too heavy and he tripped, causing the rock to fall on him.  Just a thought.
Place two foresters next to each other and have planting and one cutting as this increases your efficiency
It's much easier to make coats with a tailor actually making them. :)
30:57 Please hire more armers. Your harvests are suffering as a result being both under nourished and under harvested. There is no need to lose that level of food and you just need more farmers. Farms can put out the highest level of food each year but only if they are properly staffed.
has anyone read the names of people? a child named dell was born at 32:48.
If you want something for trade, make ale from berries or cherries. But the livestock trader doesn't want those.
And you don't need to get all the sheep. Just two to work with to get things started.
Make a pasture 20x20, it's the most efficient for all animals.
Also the farmlands weren't being glitchy, they default to putting farmers on the crop fields first then orchards. Set the max for orchards to 1-2, and the fields max to 3 temporarily. The farmers will shuffle about among them.
Can you build 2 foresters side by side and get one to only cut wood..? The other one can only plant...see of they keep up with each other ;)) they might get more wood that way
Good episodes. MUST READ!!! just to let you know, Stone, Iron, coal and Logs cannot be stored in barns, they are stored in stock piles.
I love this series, keep it up:)
if you built another woodcutter you could do a firewood economy as each sells for 4 until you have built up enough warm coats to use as currency
wow that endcard message really did put a smile on may Face just like all your Videos thanks StuffPlus.
Love the coverage of this game, helps me out alot when playing myself.....i did notice though that you have a question mark above your tailors though near the village might wanna assign someone to it :P

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