Considering the True Costs of Raising Pigs

Considering the True Costs of Raising Pigs

Hogs graze if they're let to...y'genrally gotta ring their noses if they start rootin' outta their pastures..
I'm rite on with y'about the commercial breeds, Holsteins n' th' like..
My goal is a couple'a Kerry cows, them little American Guinea hogs, some good layin' hens, some meat-breed chikens, those nice little quail-birds. I've thot about dairy sheep too..lamb is good healthy meat also. If y'breed them Kerry cows to Angus, y'get a real nice beef steer too.
A lotta work, but I've done ranch n' farm work all my life, and there's nothing like seein' yer stock and gardens n'trees THRIVE!
(Not t'mention you,yer kids,grandkids, old folks and alla yer family,neighbors and friends!)
WyldMarie's proverb; If y' won't share what you've got, what y'think y'have rots.
(PS; if I ever eat rabbit agin it'll be too soon; I raised and butchered so many damn rabbits and et'em while my kidz were little n'growin' I got heartily sick of rabbit!!
Why is she pushing her Peta on me?
Sesungguhnya dunia dan akherat ini adalah kepunyaan kami dan kewajibanlah kami menjaganya.
That is the truth 100%
I typed in "how many pigs is Crowley worth?" and this is what I got.
Yes they have a better life, much better, but they have the same death and the same horrendous transportation to the slaughterhouse than the others.
What breed of pigs are they?
thank you for sharing about the piggies :)
She sounds like she is desperately trying to justify her view on pig raising.  Let's think of SOMETHING to say against the commercial way of raising a pig!
A good video. I raise free range Guinea Hogs and there's almost no cost. They're supposed to be 'grazers' but have no problem rooting out my wife's flower beds. In that regard, the cost is huge.
Free ranged pork is the best and no factory can produce the same level of pork.
What a load of shite. this discraceful woman has no idea what humans are supposed to eat. HUMANS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO EAT MEAT OR DRINK THE MILK FROM ANOTHER ANIMAL OR EATCHICKEN PERIODS. FACT.
WTF is this liberal drivel
Large scale pork production unrestricted and free range is not possible! Pigs by their inherent nature are destructive to the environment and given free reign and uncontrolled breeding opportunities,without controls they soon destroy the very environment that sustains them! (sound vaguely familiar?) That being said IF we are going to eat meat, respect for the animals welfare, quality of life and healthy environment is paramount and our sacred responsibility! Sadly,most mass produced pork does not meet this standard.. . . to our shame.
stop eating animal
good job on not getting your point across... my 19 pigs I have outside are assholes and spoiled they rather live inside.  They even go into small pens on their own because they don't get picked on by other pigs.... hmmm kinda sounds like American kids
For those who are whining about the cost,etc. The more pigs raised this way the amount of them  would make it profitable for more smaller businesses to get into the processing and the larger the scale the cost would come down.  Remember your 'economics " and capitalism some are always preaching about?Plus there is thousands of acres  that are not fit for crop production that could be used for pastured animals.Maybe tear up some of those huge parking lots of closed shopping malls and empty factories that have closed.Some farmers could make a living harvesting the tons of grass or hay along the interstates instead of our tax dollars being paid to mow then. Might even keep down all those noxious weeds that the govt has always talked about but keeps allowing to grow on their land!! Some people can raise  few pigs on their property as a hobby but not want to raise hundreds. I always enjoyed pigs  and there is always semi rural places that people who want to live like that can move to a raise a few animals,Or would you rather have all of the production be centered where terrorists  rmisguided animal rights  nuts could threaten our whole food supply. Small peasant farmer have fed russia and china for years. It was the large scale ag there that failed miserably.
Well said, Kendra. It is easy to forget the true costs of conventional meat production and only see the monetary cost at the point of sale. Thank you for the reminder.
I want to raise my own hogs. not many only a few. cheaper that way.

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