Community farming - it's not about food: Josh Slotnick at TEDxUMontana

Community farming - it's not about food: Josh Slotnick at TEDxUMontana

I had this talk with a friend at her antique store a couple of hours ago. If I started a food bank it would be food that is grown. I can't see myself constantly selling boxed or canned food filled with loads of salt and preservatives. Its basically giving people junk instead of nourishment. That stuff is fine in moderation I guess but we need more veggies.
I love the talk and the ending with this--- "Recipe, small groups of people doing humble labor, where 'we are the same' producing tangible results that are meaningful = a transformative experience".
I was one of those PEAS farm students in 2010. Josh's infectious positive attitude and community-oriented philosophy toward farming inspired me to pursue more experience in agricultural professions, and I am starting a small farm with my husband this year. We need more community leaders like Josh to inspire meaningful development in our neighborhoods and cities--I don't mean some intangible person out there. I mean any of YOU who felt like standing up and cheering at the end of this talk.
Great talk Josh!!!!
One of the few TED talks that does not overtly  have a socialist agenda....
Great job, Josh.
Well done, thank you Josh Slotnick!
I really enjoy TED Talks, but have not run across this yet. Thank you, Bigot Vanquisher for bringing me to this wonderful video. Great story.

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