Commercial Meat Processing in VT

Commercial Meat Processing in VT

No ones born eating meat. People are brainwashed. We are not starving anymore there's better ways to get nutrition and protein. Vt farms are failing and closing because of prices and people are eating better for their health. Eating animals is barbaric as well as taking drugs to stay alive so you can continue to eat dead flesh. Killing animals is fading out just like slavery did it just takes time and more education. And he's correct there's a beginning and end. So sad they try to hide all the bs. People are waking up slowly but they are waking up to better lifestyles.
personally i just don't understand how anyone can work with animals, especially raise them from birth and see them everyday on a small farm and be a big presence in their lives, and look at them like an object and have no problem sending them off to die, laughing 'haha that's a tasty hamburger out there in the field'. how does it not bother people at all? do people seriously just look at a cow as an object to be used and eaten and nothing more? humans have such a sense of superiority and ownership and even worse don't see anything wrong with that outlook on other lifeforms.. :/
please don't eat my God cow. I m indian Hindu from kallkutta. stop eating my god cow
Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.
I think we where at born eating meat 1:02
Because peps would quit eating beef.
Gaylord farm.... Who came up with this name ;_;
Why don't you show killing the animals?
I love to watch them slaughter the animals while i fill my gullet with the seared flesh of their brethren.
If only all meat processing in America were like this, the industry would have a much better rep
happy Gaylord........hahahah please
Great video ,thanks .....nice breed of cattle to ....

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