Commercial Meat Processing in VT

Commercial Meat Processing in VT

Human is most horrible and cruel animal on earth.
personally i just don't understand how anyone can work with animals, especially raise them from birth and see them everyday on a small farm and be a big presence in their lives, and look at them like an object and have no problem sending them off to die, laughing 'haha that's a tasty hamburger out there in the field'. how does it not bother people at all? do people seriously just look at a cow as an object to be used and eaten and nothing more? humans have such a sense of superiority and ownership and even worse don't see anything wrong with that outlook on other lifeforms.. :/
please don't eat my God cow. I m indian Hindu from kallkutta. stop eating my god cow
Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.
I think we where at born eating meat 1:02
Because peps would quit eating beef.
Gaylord farm.... Who came up with this name ;_;
Why don't you show killing the animals?
I love to watch them slaughter the animals while i fill my gullet with the seared flesh of their brethren.
If only all meat processing in America were like this, the industry would have a much better rep
happy Gaylord........hahahah please
Great video ,thanks .....nice breed of cattle to ....

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