Collecting yeast from conical fermenter.

Collecting yeast from conical fermenter.

Yeast Harvester? That is just a sight glass with a cap and reducer attached to it. LOL.
I'm not sure, but I think you just oxygenated your wort.
Your cameraman needs a drink.
hi! where you bought that fermenter?
One problem I can see with this is that there is air inside the harvester before you attach it to the conical.. so that gets blasted through the beer when the yeast displaces the o2.... maybe you can purge the harvester first with co2 to reduce the amount of oxygen that gets sent through the beer? (or just sit back relax and have a homebrew! lol). :D
Can I attach this harvester to my plastic conical fermenter?
Is that the morebeer yeast harvester? How long after transferring the wort into the fermenter do you start taken yeast samples.

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