Climate Change and Agriculture: America's Heartland

Climate Change and Agriculture: America's Heartland

I am Egypt an Engineer Research your technology high good ! Thanks
I am goin to america for last 8 years.
Excellent amazing farmer. I love USA
J'ai un terrain de 20 hectar en Republique Democratique du Congo. J'ai besoin de partenaires pour exploiter ce terrain tres fertile Contacted moi
I like this
I'm a graduate of Stratford Career Institute. I took a Gardening & Landscaping course. The basic understanding is soil Builders and plants that grow in native areas? The San Joaquin Valley is similar to Israel Jerusalem meaning Mediterranean climate. The state of California is different from the 50 States of America. We need to manages wet lands and marshlands. The valley, was once a Oasis landscape would flood. The land is sinking on the westside of the San Joaquin Valley going back to the 1960's. The farmer's are killing the Eco system, meaning they are taking too much landscape and changing the cycle of the seasons. This been happening since the beginning of the industrial revolution.
Food Forecast with Ginger Zee - ABC News -
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America just has geography advantage and immiration period ; north and south no powerful enemy; east and west are all fishing. the WW1 and WW2 make the huge success of USA , so the Amerca is concern too much about the peace outside the north america. Less war, less immirations and more other continents' competition.American dream will disppear with 50 years.
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Is very nice information thanks for sharing this. I guess in American people are using the upgrade machine and update technology.
Hello USA farmer gods, it was excellent system. ....
Do not make field upon field and house upon house, for the Lord says no.

I believe personally we should seek to be self reliant agriculturally, but it might need green houses?

I fear of not sudden contamination’s from the world but man!

Hold on America!

I heard of a coming famine in Israel, I hope to God I’m wrong!

We need self reliance in the face of war
I am young Farmer from Kenya, thanks for Nice technologie american.
I'm from srilanka really want to implement in my country but with poor people and poor politicians.......?😥
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mordan nd nice system .
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Verygood in my hope of study want to been you all make famer in file oh very hot of produte hey enough look sea will thing alotof

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