Classic Albums Live - Pink Floyd "Pigs On The Wing 1 & Dogs"

Classic Albums Live - Pink Floyd "Pigs On The Wing 1 & Dogs"

What a perfect cover!
I cant stand floyd cover bands at the best of times but these guys RULE!!!! Flawless. Animals a great choice as well. Spot on. 👍
Just missing the light show
Wow! Just Wow!
Simpley amazing, this is probably the best cover of these songs I've ever seen.
Shit! This is amazing! Awesome performance. Caralho, mano, puta cover. Realmente impressionante. O melhor cover de todos.
Execução primorosa, demais...
simply amazing...every part of guitar true to the original. and the keys in the middle section fantastic!
sorry for my english
I thought I had finally found a live version of dogs at first. You look and sound exactly like gilmour
That bass
Goosebumps! amazing job done
Amazing, very loyal to the original song.
good job!!!! Show, i love it.
going to tonight's show here in town. can't wait
absolutely brilliant cover. god bless these guys
That was killer! Would have been nice to see him play a black strat on the leads, homage...
¡Tssss Si tocan chiro, felicidades!

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