Claas Xerion 3300 VC Octopus | Ditch Bank Mower | Loonbedrijf Hack

Claas Xerion 3300 VC Octopus | Ditch Bank Mower | Loonbedrijf Hack

missed a spot
A lovely idea, but not one that would work in the US. Here, we use the roadside ditches for long-term storage of whiskey bottles, abandoned furniture, worn-out tires, and the world's biggest deposits of high-grade aluminum suitable for recycling into ever more beer cans to keep American drivers happy.
the sound of these is just sooo satisfying
our leaders are saying helpful to life is suicide when it comes to securing the team assets and work to the benefit of the team, that is suicide with alll our work overall, directly it is pure evil (slaughter as much life per day as you can), mankind will only know hell till that is fixed, and it is hurting us alll more then you can imagine
Mahul Derek
Wicked skills!!
Oh come on, this is ridiculous..
I think he's not using it optimally. Sure, I'm not in the cabin and don't know but that's just how it seems to me..
też nie lubię zarośniętych rowów
A mechanics nightmare
Xerion 😍
ok this will make prisoners have to do nothing now!!!
it's like a spider
it should be called the Goro
2 hours running, 4 hours maintaining. Where is the counterweight?
theoretically is It possible to get the 2 front arms on a 3pt or din mount for a unimog for highways  verge / hedge mowing???
trop bien cette
sa a du vous couter cher
Why isn't the left side counter weighted?
puzzi di trattore pieno di formaggio

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