CityWorship: Pure As Gold // Loong Liyee @ City Harvest Church

CityWorship: Pure As Gold // Loong Liyee @ City Harvest Church

Come Holy Spirit😍😍💙
Fav song
Hallelujah to the Lamb! what a powerful song with the anointing voice.
This song touch the deepest part of my heart.
wow! May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to use and anoint you all.
#God bless you more!
i love you holy spirit , use me as I am...
Thank You Holy Spirit for Your mighty presence,mighty power and mighty anointing.
yes.. come .. Holy Spirit and fill me with your power, and grace.. -i Love you Holy Spirit.. bless this church in Jesus name..
I feel the glorious presence of the Holy Spirit...
God bless!
Wow! I sing this song it moves me..and reminds me of my calling as thing I realized is that I need the Holy Spirit To Guide me and fills me of His power..Thank you city Harvest Church for being an instruments of God to my life..God bless
Wow! I'm in love with this worship song and as she sing I can feel the presence of Holy Spirit on Sunday service is so Awesome!!!

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