CityWorship: I Am Yours // Mark Kwan @ City Harvest Church

CityWorship: I Am Yours // Mark Kwan @ City Harvest Church

Amen hallelujah I'm your child Lord Jesus 🤗🤗🤗🤗
The verdict on their court case will come out later today.
No matter the outcome, CHC has been faithful to God's will in fulfilling the
Great Commission. Even to their own hurt. And despite the continuous pressure on them for 7 years, the message stayed the same: Love God, love people.
If there is change, it must be that faith has increased and reliance upon Jesus has grown.

I believe this ministry is an end time ministry.
Jesus is coming. Let's all prepare, whether it be for joy or great sorrow.
Let us not assume that we have made it (especially me).
But examining each own heart and life, casting away pride, calling upon the Lord and
living as if the Master is coming back any moment now.

Greetings to fellow brothers & and sisters in Christ.
To those who don't know who Jesus is; Jesus came 2000 years ago.
He came to pay the ransom for the condition that mankind is in (sin).
If only the bridge was the chorus :)
blessed be God our lord
😢😢😢😢 this song....

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