Chopping Hay 2017 In Iowa - John Deere 4450, JD 3970, 716A Wagons

Chopping Hay 2017 In Iowa - John Deere 4450, JD 3970, 716A Wagons

If you can make a video of you guys vaccinating your calves I live on a beef farm and im interested in how you do it
Would like to hear the sound of the engine...
just subbed and i have a question how long is the hole set up end to end?
why do you chop hay instead of bailing all of it ?
where are y'all at in Iowa
Great video! How long does it take to unload the wagon?
What is the tank for on the chopper ? Is it for putting something on the chopped grass to help preserve it?
how many tons do those wagons hold?
how come you guys never bale your hay
Central Iowa for life for me
You guys make awesome videos also do you guys bale any first cut or chop it all.
How many acres of hay do you chop?
I would love to see some vogging
why don't you rake the rows together before you chop it.
have u ever thought of merging your rows or eill the chopper not handle it
Did you guys ever thought about using a lot of 300 foot silage bags for oatlage, haylage, and corn silage in the future so you would not have to worry about the silo unloaded anymore because you said silos are a pain. It would help if you milk at least 75 cows in the future.
Looks great fellas! We will be cutting in 6-7 days! Keep up the great vids!
Nice videos keep it up
That overhead shot of the farm buildings and house was nice, that's a real nice place you got there.

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