Chemtrails: WHY in the World are They Spraying? (NEW 2012 Full Documentary - HD) [CC]

Chemtrails: WHY in the World are They Spraying? (NEW 2012 Full Documentary - HD) [CC]

What the fuck has gone wrong with the education system, so badly, that we end up with cretins like chemtrailers? chemtrail Hungary
It wont mater because by the time something is done about it we will all be shitting in our pants trying to figure out why everyone is a total stranger including the person in the mirror. The shit there spraying kills you memory. Its called alzheimer's.
it's not even for weather control, it's for food control
Chemtrail people are an endless source of humor and entertainment! There is no end to their ignorance and gullibility!
So let's see the assertion in this forum is that there is no such thing as geoengineering and spraying. Well, keep believing and shut your eyes and plug your ears if it makes you feel any better. I flew recently from Portland Oregon to Belize and could see the crap up close and personal. The clouds are abnormal. I have pictures of the spraying in formation over Portland and I have a photo of the crap raining down over my farm near Portland. The particles were large and dark and they were spraying my woods. Never before has anyone done this to my farm, and I'm plenty miffed.
Facebook is actively censoring this be aware.
1. Donald Trump: "I love the Bible"
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Bunch of crazy people.
Anybody sceptical about chemtrails you wont be if you view even part of this.
So, why are we not joining together to put a stop to geo-engineering?
The immediate reaction you get from about 95% of people you talk to re this issue in casual discussion is one of a glazing over the face and mention of conspiracy theories, flying sauces, dark color helicops. Preconditioned DUMMIES! It ain't moisture if the barometric doesn't rise after the clear blue sky morning! ... that is, the RARE blue sky mornings.

Face it folks, there are entities unknown who have leveraged power greater than that of our own government(s)...there's an ample supply of inflated greenbacks available to gag the media, politicians, educators and the like..
So the dozens of patents the US government owns on geo-engineering that describe these exact tactics... the entire geo-engineering conferences attended by experts in the field of geo-engineering discussing the effects of weather control and how they may be achieved... the admissions of the Chinese government of use of geo-engineering programs which function according to the principles stated here... the foreign governments who have taken their cases of being victimized by geo-engineering projects to the United Nations...

... are all just conspiracy nutjob nonsense?

If you cannot see that something very wrong is going on, you operate on wishful thinking. You must strain the limits of logical fallacy to repeatedly explain away the spraying which occurs above your own head. But you cannot deny the real fact that the government has left a discernable trail which implicates their culpability. Geo-engineering is a real thing, and they are doing it.

You might want to catch up your definition of what is scientifically possible instead of repeating the basics of high school physics.
the world is flat
This camtrail conspiracy is so stupid that i cant understand how people manage to believe this bulshit. Those who understand what is a contrail from a sciences perspective will never eat this shitt with the camicals...
They have ADMITTED to spraying poisonous metals into the atmosphere. The government TOLD us that they do it. But you STILL choose to believe it is not happening. Your stupid
Ask Siri on ur iPhone which plane is above me.
Ask Siri, “What flights are above me?” or just say, “Planes overhead,” and she’ll pull up a chart featuring each plane’s flight number, its altitude, and its angle. (It took my Siri about 30 seconds to pull up this data, so be patient!)
Sheepish people all over the world will dismiss this. We need a mass culling of stupid people so it's perfectly attune to population control.
Don't you realize that «the villain people» who spray chemical in the air BREATH THE SAME AIR AS US, FUCKING IDIOT

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