Cheap Land For Sale With Free House, Well, Barn,

Cheap Land For Sale With Free House, Well, Barn,

Saw no sign of income? Just a junk pile
where is it??
Worth 50,000 in my opinion.
How much where's it at?
How can we contact on this
I'm all in give me the address or email
what's the email, please?
for where that's located at cut that price in half and you might sell it
Listen to those Birds!!!
I would like to work with the Amish people and learn from them, how would I join their community ??
how much
Location and price?
Love this land where is it ?
Where is this land? And do you have anything similar in Tennessee?
Can anybody help me get a house 4 my family in me I lost my house in Puerto Rico from hurricane I'm in shelter
I buy land in Florida.
really free?

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