Charlie's Organic Dairy Farm

Charlie's Organic Dairy Farm

Organic milk my favorite every morning I drink milk . Montagnards indigenous we didn’t have these kind of cows .
What is his scc like and how does he control weeds?
hlo sir i m frm india m a lady now m a teacher but frm i m going to do dairy farm but i dont have graze area and i cannot feed much more m alone at home wat to do plzzz suggest me
This is so nice to look at! Puts large scale production to shame!! What a pleasure to see these animals looking healthy, not disabled and content.
my proud Royal Highness, God blesses with success, prosperity and abundance.....
You are misinformed about organic and what it means. Most of what you say makes someone think your fields and grass are more superior. That is NO TRUE? You can’t keep fields free of pesticides. Birds, the wind, spraying, weeds , etc make it impossible to claim a field is free of anything. What - organic DOES NOT mean more resistant to disease. That’s a lie. Cows need hay (grass) and grain. Fewer pesticides means pesticides ARE used, thus making it NOT ORGANIC? If a cow has mistitus, it has to be cured with the use of medicine. A cows lifespan is usually 10 to 15 years. A milk cow should have at least 5-10 years. Why do you say three years. That is incorrect. Cow breeding has nothing to do with food intake. Grass alone will not fatten up a animal to be sold for meat and you know they need lots of grain. Milk cows also need grain. All animals look after themselves. Are you crazy. If you don’t use pesticides eventually your filed will be full of weeds. Poop, methane hurts the environment. Moisture -what a crock, prove it to me that it has more moisture in grass because you claim it’s organic. Once you treat your herd with anything, it’s NOT ORGANIC. All fields that are grass have are just making me beyond angry. All farms have bees, trees, habitats. Wow, how dare you misinform the public. You make it sound like only your farm is like that and that’s not true. Don’t treat people stupid or you will be called out.
You said you're concerned with the herds well being, that's commendable, so what do you do with the infant males calves??
The cows look genetically modified to chew grass and produce milk 24/7 for human consumption. They look miserable so how is that organic?
he's a much better person then those people who put them in factorys
An ideal situation for cows
Very nice, make interesst
Do you sell them for slaughter when milk production declines??
circle of life
I would buy from here in a shot that milk from supermarkets all goodness if any in it has been sucked out, doesn't even taste like milk, I would pay for organic au natural,  everytime,  bring  back and support out UKfarmers!!!
great to see well done to these type of farmers the public want so badly back. cattle on the grass feeding, great and happy lives, ....much heathier for them much healthier for us,
Liked it.. informative...
why doesn't the calf get the milk?
I love this. I am only going to buy organic milk from now on.

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