Champagne For Caesar (1950)

Champagne For Caesar (1950)

Corn fed Mata Hari....priceless.
Was that Art Linkletter looking all young as a clown question master.
Wow! I have seen this movie in decades, but still remember it (although I always thought it was in color). Vince Price as a mad soap manufacturer is a riot!
what a great little film. mel blanc did the same parrot voice on the jack benny show where ronald colman was jack's neighbor. the other benny reference in this film was vincent price mentioning *the walking man*, which was a continuing guessing game on the benny radio show.
Ty for the upload :)
One of my favorite movies. Celeste Holm is adorable and hilarious, and Vincent Price is just plain hilarous.
Ronald Coleman is such a wonderful actor and too have a voice as great as his to boot,what a combination. You have to love him !!!!
This film ought to be a famed classic! It is brilliant. It starts well and keeps on getting better. Coleman is wonderful as always but Vincent Price puts in a fantastic performance too. In fact, all the performances are wonderful. Loved it so much I bought the DVD.
One is reminded of Samson and Delilah with the probing for weakness.
Now that was an amusingly enjoyable film .. thanks for posting .. 😎
Quite a surprise seeing the late Art Linkletter ( Kids say the darndest things. [pre Bill Cosby] ) acting, and not badly either. For this alone the movie is worth watching. 7/2018
Love this cute fun movie, thx u
Thank you Jill for a delightful movie - I'm in love!
Ronald Coleman. The thinking man's actor...
I was just on a Vincent Price retrospect page where we were invited to nominate our favorite of his movies, so of course I said THIS! I never did understand why this was such a little known movie, but it is a real character change for Price and a showcase for his true versatility!
Nurse impressing Beauregard- now is the time for your acetylsalicylic acid.If he really was such a reader how come he didn't recognize the chemical name for common Aspirin? Even so, very amusing!
What a movie, lol!
Never have I had so much fun watching Vincent Price. He thoroughly enjoyed his work making this movie. You betcha! Ronald Coleman is always first rate. Caesar is a crack-up. How many times has it been stated, truly, they sure don't make 'em like they used to. Thanks Jill Czarnyszewicz.
Young Celeste Holme looks like Madonna
He's a sabteur from Lifebouy.

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