Champagne For Caesar (1950)

Champagne For Caesar (1950)

I was just on a Vincent Price retrospect page where we were invited to nominate our favorite of his movies, so of course I said THIS! I never did understand why this was such a little known movie, but it is a real character change for Price and a showcase for his true versatility!
Nurse impressing Beauregard- now is the time for your acetylsalicylic acid.If he really was such a reader how come he didn't recognize the chemical name for common Aspirin? Even so, very amusing!
What a movie, lol!
Never have I had so much fun watching Vincent Price. He thoroughly enjoyed his work making this movie. You betcha! Ronald Coleman is always first rate. Caesar is a crack-up. How many times has it been stated, truly, they sure don't make 'em like they used to. Thanks Jill Czarnyszewicz.
Young Celeste Holme looks like Madonna
He's a sabteur from Lifebouy.
Be still my beating heart ...not! Vincent is so captivating in this flick of everlasting folly. Spent many a night watching this ad finitum to bring cheer to my world. Champagne & lobster scampi tonight for me in celebration of beating the cancer monster so far & no radiation to nuke my spirits. Raising my glass to all that is dearly everlasting!
This movie is a hoot! Ronnie and Vincent Price, who got his look from Ronnie! Aha! --with Art Linkletter and Celeste Holm and Caesar the Parrot? Priceless!
Ronald Colman, one great actor, for the ages.
he could be on jeopardy
Do you recognise the "Voice" of CAESAR The Parrot? It is none other than Our Beloved "MEL BLANC".

Watching the film I enjoyed the delightful wacky-antics here of Celeste Holm playing the "Love interest" of Ronald Coleman.

Art Linkletter plays the part of "Happy Hogan", (and as a little bit of trivia about Art Linkletter, he was offered the opportunity to invest in the Walt Disney "Disneyland" Theme Park in California, by his friend Walt Disney, prior to the opening of the Theme Park in 1955, but he declined the offer at that time ( you will find more info on Art Linkletter's Page in Wikipedia ). The Opening of the Theme Park was held on the Date of Art Linkletter's Birthday. Art Linkletter was an Orphan. He was Married to Lois Foerster from 1937 to 2007...One of the Longest Marriages in Hollywood History until Art Linkletter's Death on May 26 2010...

Vale to all the wonderfull Stars and Co-Stars in this charming comedy...Including none other than the Comedic talents of Vincent Price that are wonderously revealed to us in this long forgotten film, that I had always heard excellent reviews of, but I had never seen it until just now, when I discovered it here in the "Jill Czarnyszewicz" YouTube Channel. Now having seen the Film here, I was well informed...Thank You to Jill !!!

May I add my sincere thanks to Jill for posting it here. I call myself a "FILM NUT". I like the movies made mostly between the years 1896 through to 1990 and just a few select films from 1990 until the present day. My best wishes to All Viewers who watch the ENTIRE "CHAMPAGNE FOR CAESAR" Movie here... And please tell all your Movie Buff Film Friends where they too can come to find & enjoy with us "CHAMPAGNE FOR CAESAR"...
Vincent Price is priceless in this, pun intended! XD They all were simply fabulous.

But wait, over 16K in viewers and ONLY 116 Thumbs up??? What's wrong with this picture?
Oh and this film is now in public domain due to a failure of the original owners to file for continued copyright. Jill, do you know where I can get a good clean copy like yours on DVD? Used to be that you could download some clips directly from YT. Now it seems you can only save the link to you desktop. Do you know of any alternatives? Thanks for your help, I really enjoyed this one.
I had never seen this movie before! What a pleasant and offbeat surprise. I was ridicuously on the edge of my seat to see if he would answer the last question right or wrong. All of the acting was really marvelous and the characters were really well developed considering the lighthearted nature of this film. Thank you for sharing this with us Jill.
Watching this movie convinces me that comedy, not horror was Vincent's true genre. Of course horror films like The Raven & Comedy of Terror gives you thebest of both.
Brother and sister with a 28 year age gap. Possible but not probable.
Great! I love Vincent Price!
Come join the RCAS (Ronald Colman Appreciation Society on Facebook at this link:
I have seen this movie before and greatly enjoyed it, I am watching it again.

Thank you.
Like a good box of chocolates
This Movie is a Real Charm! Jewel  of a movie! Why can today not have Such Movie or acting as In the classic Movies of the Past! I will tell you why? Acting like any of the arts Is Dead! by design! Design of the Elite! You see in order to Exercise and excel in the that discipline One beed time to nurture it! To study it to develop it! and to excel in it! This Provide You have the education, the Instruction and the Talent. All of which us mostly alien in todays world. This is by design! because in reality there is never a Lack of genius in any epoch, It is the Agenda of those in Power that Create the Spirit of the time in which we Live! and The Spirit of today time todays world are Dark to say the very least .

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