CGIAR Agriculture Research for a Food-Secure Future

CGIAR Agriculture Research for a Food-Secure Future

I’ve been reading about the CGIAR in the book, International Organizations: The Politics and Processes of Governance by Margaret Karns and Karen Mingst, that you’re in charge of the International Rice Research Institute, the International Wheat Council, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and everything that has to do with food and agriculture. I’m making this assumption because the book states that the CGIAR “coordinates and oversees” the work of research centres related to food and agriculture (83). I’m having a problem with the States, a situation which is not unique to me. It appears as if they’re holding on to rare and super foods because they can’t grow them in all the shit and the Ebola. I’ve done research that show that they smear shit in public bathrooms, stomp shit through grill grates in the bathrooms and call it “waffle stomp” on Reddit, shit in public pools and shit in the beaches to the point that Ebolas are in their coastal waters. They even shit all over the forests until there’s rainbow-coloured molds everywhere on the trees. I did a search on Google images, and I saw hot pink mold, red mold, purple mold, yellow mold, green mold, all kinds of multi-coloured molds. These molds spread Ebolas (or fecal-bacteria) in the air through their spores. They’re just floating all over the fucking place, and affecting natural environs of the countries all over the world. It could be that they’re shitting all over the place because they think that they’re going to get mushrooms that way. They watch shows like Growing Pains, and they think that it’s a fungus, and fungus grows in shit, so they just shit everywhere to get meat vegetables. But it’s misinformation like this that not only prevents mushrooms from being farmed by clean people who can grow just about anything, but it also prevents truffles, sponges, and coral reef from being farmed. In order to farm these very delicate plants, you need to do the following, which I call a type of submerged hydroponic system, which needs to be done in a lab with very large aquariums, and the farmer needs to wear several pairs of black latex gloves with a WHOLE LOT of hand sanitizer: Place parts of the mushrooms, morels, truffles, sponges, and coral reef in diatomaceous earth before placing it in the aquariums. Then place some water from the air-to-water maker, which filters the water 11 times before turning water vapour to liquid form. Then place Pure Blend Pro, the Liquid Karma, Krud Kutter cleaning products, the Cal-Mag, fungicide, the seaweed extract, the industrial strength D-Limonene (citrus fruit oils), coral calcium, the liquid ionic minerals, the hydroponic solutions, colloidal or liquid ionic silver, nitric oxide, quaternary ammonium salts (liquid quat cleaners, water sanitation tablets [Sanirem and Barmaid]), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), bee venom, bee propolis, ormus monoatomic gold (gold manna), liquid ionic copper, red liquid or colloidal gold, yellow liquid or colloidal gold, Electrolyte mineral drops, nano colloidal copper, liquid oxygen drops, liquid oxygen spray, liquid iron, nano colloidal silver, liquid ammonium, food grade mineral oil, food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide, 30% white rice vinegar, all-natural, food grade citric acid, D-Limonene (lime extract) tablets, mandarin orange oil and orange oil.

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