I wish I could crop your ears you piece of crap...
Hey who in Dallas Texas that knows of someone that’s good at cropping ears let me know
Ear cropping is the owners preference.i think the younger the better
Dogs that play with other dogs and run thru the woods or hunt can get there ears cought or bitten off by accident so thats why i would crop the ears
They can still hear they can still use there use so shut the fuck up dumbasses I hope u all who dislike it shut up or die of cancer
I don't understand why are people going on as if one is cutting the whole ear off. Stop getting your ears pierced and ink on your body. Humans weren't born like that.
I remember being a kid and being shocked that people cropped ears and docked off tails of dogs. It felt intrinsically wrong, but I got mocked by my family when I expressed how wrong it felt to me.
It’s practically circumcision.
This is fucking abuse their is no scientific evidence to show dogs with cropped ears get less infections. If floppy ears cause infections then why don’t we crop every dogs ears? Also some people claim it helps hearing to cut them off which literally makes no sense. Ears are meant for hearing so how does cutting it off improve it ? Btw don’t try to argue with me about this unless you’re a vet or have done more than a few google searches about this thanks. PS if you don’t want your dog to get an ear infection clean the dogs ears it’s really not hard.
tht is a good thing to do cause sometimes.the dog look beautiful
Good advice
Can't you leave their beautiful ears the way nature intended?
Take to VETERINARIAN to get this done!!! F N SICKOS!!!
Wow. How could anyone hold a puppy down and cut its ears off with no anesthesia...beyond cruel.
I live in NC I have a 2month old pitbull n i want her ears cropped
Nice looking pup and I love the ear style I got the short crop for my boy Pretty
Why??? Why would anyone do this? This is animal cruelty, along with tail docking.
This is banned in Canada and a bunch of other countrys but of course not the united states. Why the fuck are we always so slow to ban these inhuman practices
Poor puppy. His ears are gone. He's still a cutie though. I don't like cropping ears for any dog. It's not medically necessary.
Iv looked up to do my pits ears as well but I'd b to pissed they hurt my dogs or have messed up ears what shld I do

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