Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Cattle truck crashes sending cows flying

Cattle truck crashes sending cows flying

These people driving these livestock trucks seem to crash more than all the others ; live loads move around and half of them drivers fall asleep at the wheel . Others are texting talking on the phone or reaching for something in the glove box . Not to mention they are not the sharpest tack in the cushion !!!!
seen it on ridiculousness Lmao still funniest thing i have ever wached and you that say poor cows well they were going to be slaughtered anyway
another reason to be a vegetarian already
Did the Truck driver survive this crasch ! looks like he,s hanging out of the window ! Hope not !
Ho moooooo god
Okay, this is officially hilarious >_< And you people who are like, 'OH NO POOR COOOOWS!!' ...... There is no hope for you.
Just seen this on Ridiculousness.
What the actual fuck
holy cow!
Good thing they were wearing their leathers.
Cows: "fuck it, we're out."
Well someone's got a fetish
Thank god it looked like most of them got up right after!
scratch n' dent steaks
okay who wanted their burger medium rare

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