Cattle System - Home Made - First Trial Run

Cattle System - Home Made - First Trial Run

Loved the comments. I fear the wood there might not last in the chute though
Very nice. Systems like this can make or break the operation. If you can't load em you can't sell em. Not sure how these gate panels would hold up to an animal that gets excited, I've lost a few panels myself. Young bulls can be pretty hard on panels. They get their nose under the bottom rail and lift, bend them like paper. Out they go.
Any chance I could get a set of simple drawings,, or maybe a few more pictures. I have put together a layout of what I could take away from this video.
Home made? This system looks clean, operative and professional. Congratulations! 
Loading went SOooooo smooth.
Not seen here is a gate that swings around (all you can see is the hinge in the middle of the screen as the cattle come through). Bulls jumped right on the truck.
Sales were awesome this year. Averaged about $1100/head
Loading TODAY !!!! Everyone is set and ready for the auction tomorrow.

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