Cattle Egrets with Cattles

Cattle Egrets with Cattles

Learning commensalism upsc
This is commensalism ... The cattle is not getting any harm while the egret is taking it's insect food flushed out by cattle .. amazing coordination
An egret is my favorite birb
A VEE of them crossed my farm yesterday morning. heading to the cow pastures.
just saw one of these with yellowish-orange feathers in Florida. very interesting.
I drive by them almost everyday here in Florida. (USA) So today was the day to Google them. Thanks for the post!
LOL looks like they're friends. I like his curiosity. He's probably wondering why cattles eat gras and not bugs.
so how do the egrets benefit from this?
learning about the commensalism between egrets and cattle while I prepare for the Texas science teacher test.
thank you
Lovely footage these birds are appearing more frequently in the UK. Hopefully I'll see one soon. Many thanks.
Hi Menora James, congrats on these beautiful videos. I was wondering if you could help me, I am trying to identify a bird by its call, and I hear it in this video at 1:52, 55, 57 & 59 and at 2:53, 56 & 57. Do you by any chance know what bird it could be?
I have to do a report for uni watching cattle egrets its really annoying when the cattle are in a fenced paddock and are too far away... although I can't use this it was good to get footage up close. Thanks :) Now I have to grab my binoculars and go watch some birds
@DeadlyTeaParty Yes Dear.. it is wonderful to see their friendship..Even I was fascinated by it....Many thanks for your visit....
@molly1481 Yes Molly.. it is beautiful to watch and to see how they interact with each other.. Even I liked it so much..Many many thanks for your presance. With love & hugs Menu xxxxx
Aww it just want to be friends XD
@echoes707 Thanks a lot for your visit and kind words my dear..
@lmmsl True...most fascinating! Always welcome & THANKS for your kind wishes! ((HUGS)) Sandra ♥
@seahue Yes, you have seen it well and it is so amazing how they behave like that..Specially the walks along with the Cattle.. I am glad to see that you liked it and many thanks for your valuable visit... Have a great week ahead...
@sandrateager Yes dear Sandra...Their behaviours are so amazing to watch..Specially the walks along with the Cattle.. It's a pleasure to see that you liked it and many many thanks for your kind visit... Have a great week ahead... Love -Menu

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