Cargo Ship Sinks With 5000 Oxen On Board - Brazil 6.10.2015

Cargo Ship Sinks With 5000 Oxen On Board - Brazil 6.10.2015

Pobre animals
That's the most horrifying way to die, locked in an overly crowded cage, on a sinking ship.
That did roll fast
2 parts Hydrogen 1 part Oxen
Party time for Sharks
So sad
These oxen are lucky they are alvi ... May swim and get free land.
At destination they are dead otherwise
By this way there may be chance of survival ... Otherwise they will be in someone food plate.
Quanta irregularidades e irresponsabilidade, um bocado de bocó fica filmando a desgraça sem fazer nada, cadê os renovadores quando viram que o navio estava virando, por que não equilibram o navio com os tanques de lastros? Mdsss
Found a followup story. They estimate 500 got out but only 100 of those survived. Significant local pollution from all the dead.
It would appear that the Oxen were likely gathering to one side causing the ship to list. That would happen if the crew failed to load and distribute the Oxen evenly across the ship and last, it would also appear that the crew failed to monitor the listing and compensate with ballast to keep the ship on an even keel!
SO you want to carry 300kg by yourself? do it.
This is why you don't book with Carnival.
so sad
instead of filming and laughing, they had time to save some of the poor creatures.
Bu gemiyi biz yapmış tık
and people only standing and look and laugh nothing be done to the poor animals. :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O

disgusting, greedy human virus

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