"Cannabis in Motion" (Crop King Seeds, Flower Weeks 1-2)

"Cannabis in Motion" (Crop King Seeds, Flower Weeks 1-2)

beautiful plants bro. Haven't. watching your channel in a few years. hope all is well with you and from the looks of things you still have a mean green thump brother. very nice
Beautiful fim job on the one but I see a lot of areas where bugs have been eating them and some of the leaf look like their diseased. Nice edit job. Wish we could have see. Their full bloom though.
looks as if you were doing some super cropping!?
I had bad luck with the white cookies in my room, it didn't behave well but other people I know enjoy growing it.
que plantas mas feas
Wow! What a comeback video bro. This shit was mesmerizing.
Gosh that Intro music is painful!!
Wow I am sincerely touched by this video. The music and the cinematography are so beautiful. I am just sitting here in awe of this beautiful plant that we all feel so much reverence for.
What strain is that at 3:35?
Simply breathtaking.
beautiful video. time to smoke!
please update the white cookies!
I used herbies two seasons ago and it was great they also re sent seeds that never came. I'm sure u can find the info online tho
Fantastic job OG!! Those plants look stellar, you're going to have a helluva yield this run..
did i just see a male plant nice lil video g420g
Your Crown Royale has a totally different look than mine did.
I had been looking for ANY info on CR and yours is the only other one I have seen. Very nice looking girls!
I have my seedlings that are 4 weeks old an their still not in veg stage I need help
The editing of this video is so legit but the plates are so so. No disrespect to the grower but only one of the crown royal and one of the white cookies look good. Im growing white cookies and crown and the are going nuts

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