Cannabis Britain's secret Farms HD Documentary

Cannabis Britain's secret Farms HD Documentary

British bullshit corporation
55:45 I'm gunna rob that van 😂👍
"Super strength cousin of Cannabis" lmao this bitch knows nothing all weed skunk or bush weed it all is cannabis you fucking retard.
I love weeeeeed 😂😂😂🦄🤗❤️🍕🐷🤛🏻
11:00 what is song??
Weed wasn't as strong in the 60s do me a favour jack Daniels was the same though dick
Don't let that guys story taint your views on weed, yes people can relapse on it but people can have bad side effects to drinking water?? Honestly depends on the person, I'm a regular smoker an have been for years an I can handle it therefore don't have any of these stupid side effects.
That landlord DEFO took that 100k😂😂😂
Who else is getting lit while watching this😂😂
The lads mother was a complete cunt to her son.
Little did the presenter know that "the incinerator" was his name for his bong
I never ceases to amaze me just how misinformed people in law enforcement and medical professionals are. The are comparing Sinsemellia to old commercial full of seeds.
23:00 that 4 eyed lad could never smoke and oz or an oz n half in a week specialy if he isnt working hahaha think that g13 has took his mind out of reality there haha
The ignorance is overwhemling
26:21 the only reason they make a fortune is because it's illegal.
4LIESDOCUMENTARIES should be your lame name 4sshole!
The cops tell you lies from there side of the story so you support there cause i can assure you that Marijuana no matter how strong it is does not cause schizophrenia in a normal person. Now if you already have problems depending what problems they are then Marijuana might not be for you but i do know it helps with many diseases, ailments and conditions like Ptsd. Talking without anything to back you up is not the way to get things done unless your the cops trying to keep medicine from those who need it then of course this is exactly what you would want to do. The laws need to change and the cops have to much power IMO and are not upholding a fair law only a law that suppress's the people and supports what they believe in and keeps them having a job and making money from this persecution of the people. Now Gangs should not be in control of Marijuana this should be available to all everywhere so yes i do agree with the cops when they say Gangs are not caring for property and shouldn't be doing what there doing only to turn a buck yes laws must change but people still need access to this medicinal plant and cops taking it away from anybody that is trying to only provide themselves or a friend or 2 medicine is not right IMO but to take out Gangs who try and hurt others not just growing the marijuana then yes take out the gangs i do not support gangs of any kind.
Haha look like his mate is sucking him off 5 mins in lmao

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