A Crop King Seeds Review - One bean at a time

A Crop King Seeds Review - One bean at a time

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None of my purple kush came up friggin joke.
I'm also crossbreeding blue dream with lemon og. Can't wait to try it. Gonna habe a shit load of seeds. Haha.
When I used to buy I had a good experience with ILGM even though it took like a month to get my seeds. Nirvana was okay, didn't have as good of a germination success rate. And I have some outdoor blue dream growing from Nukeheads and they're growing very well.
there customer service is fucking terrible.....totally false
Very reputable...did the black indica and currently doing sour diesel and both are hearty healthy and easy to grow and germinate...and great stealth packaging...js
I buy my seeds from www.NukeHeads.com an 2 day shipping!!! 😎🤣😎
I buy my seeds from www.NukeHeads.com with free 2 day shipping!
lol why are you buying garbage.. crop king sales straight bullshit.
DOPE video. Been buying beans from them myself

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