Can a Prophet Make Mistakes? Fair Mormon Podcast

Can a Prophet Make Mistakes? Fair Mormon Podcast

A prophet cannot make a false prophecy or he is a false prophet. Human error is normal but a message from God about future events can not be in error.
This is excellent, perhaps a perfect video - so many quotes - excellent information. Thanks for going through the trouble. When we consider the fallibility of our Church leaders we ought also to reflect on the accuracy of what they present, otherwise our view is unbalanced. The miraculous accuracy is a witness of the Lord's inspiration.
Such an important podcast. Thanks again FairMormon. Just as with individuals, the Lord gives to His Church line upon line, precept upon precept. The Lord allows His Church to develop -- our experience is developmental. Prophets search, seek, and try things as they always have -- and the Lord reveals to them good, then better, then best. Line upon line. And we are promised our faith will be TRIED -- eg, Brother Brigham blurting out an Adam-god doctrine, a Paul Dunn speaking in 'personal parables,' etc. Our prophets--ancient and modern--are not revelation robots. But essentially what our prophets give us is received by them from God, which is what happens with prophets. We are rightly taught that if we follow the prophet, we will be blessed, and be safe.

But may I suggest that our prophets do not take cues from apostates, Mormon Liberals, or feminists. We are not Pollyanna; we know our prophets are not perfect, but I have no interest in fault-finding them. That is what Mormon Liberals do. They see the body of Christ and try to search for hang nails, and think that that gives them "a more mature discipleship." I have no regard for anything that comes from them, no matter how sophisticated their constructs or how annotated their narratives.
Blame the members, it's your fault for listening to the prophets .  Members have the power?, . belief in Christ ,, repentance baptism, gift of the holy spirit , enduring 'til the end, being found guiltless,  the prophets are not needed,   WHAT RELIGION IS THIS?...I miss this general conference...
So the Prophets are only prophetic when they are right, and when they are wrong they are not prophetic? Prophets are therefore never wrong because when they are wrong, by definition they were not speaking prophetically even if at the time everyone, including the Prophet himself, thought he was. Are you sure the Church was founded by Joseph Smith and not George Orwell? It sounds as though it is straight from his book 1984.

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