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Camp Cucamonga

In the 80s jobs security was good, things were cheap, value system was there. Full families used to sit together in the evenings and there were no pc, laptop, internet, cell phone.
The only kid star from the 90s missing from this is fred savage where the hell was he when this was made ?
I'm 36, married and watching this 😂😂
Spring 2019
Wow lot of young movie/tv actors in this movie!
best movie ever watched it over 20 times-no joke
i cant believe there are many " i cant believe " comments... hahahahahahahahahaha... typical Americans...
Carah : Martino
Martino: 6:31!
0:21 is that jennifer aniston??damn she was hot...this movie played on tv every christmas, back when vcr were expensive lol.
that black kid with the GIANT bulbous eyes gives me the creeps sooooo much!!!!!
Wow, thanks so much for posting this! I was in 7th grade when this came out!
Brad Pitt made the biggest mistake of his life when he left her!
Una de mis favoritas 2 thump up gracias por subirla a youtube....
Does anyone else remember another camp or woods movie similar to this but when they were older? I swear Candace Cameron was in it. But it was other people from the 90's. Please let me know.
I miss the 90s
Amber got what she deserved.
This movie got weird really quick.
Is this movie some sort of initiation ritual? It's the entire cast of. "where the fuck did they go?".

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