Camp Cucamonga

Camp Cucamonga

Brad Pitt made the biggest mistake of his life when he left her!
Una de mis favoritas 2 thump up gracias por subirla a youtube....
Eww! 😛😷
Does anyone else remember another camp or woods movie similar to this but when they were older? I swear Candace Cameron was in it. But it was other people from the 90's. Please let me know.
I miss the 90s
Amber got what she deserved.
This movie got weird really quick.
Is this movie some sort of initiation ritual? It's the entire cast of. "where the fuck did they go?".
I was born in the 2000’s and whenever I see old movies like this where the kids actually socialize and have relationships that aren’t just on their phones...I get really upset. I just wish things were like this again. I guess I’ll just never have a real friend like in this movie, but at least I can pretend that I live in the 80’s/90’s with these movies.
Nice movie, had watched it on vcr years ago ..
О да, я первый русский коментатор
Thanks uploading this. I haven't seen this since I was a kid. I taped this movie and I use to watch it all the time! Great memories! #wishicouldgoback!
Omg i grew up on this movie and rare to find on dvd anywhere
I never went to camp. I always had summer jobs.
Stay here and polish your trophy. Lol.
What park is this located at
Jaleel White is so adorable
I like the Lindsay character she reminds me of myself back then. I had all the same posters too
Reminds me somewhat of a summer camp I actually worked at. Camp Mishemokwa, Bat Cave, NC

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