Cabin and Land for Sale - 165 Acres - North Georgia

Cabin and Land for Sale - 165 Acres - North Georgia

This house sold for $1,000,000 on 05/27/2016
Soooooo beautiful
The video is being used as click bait to go to an Edmunds car commercial site.
u are trying to sell it answer the comments asking for a price
Not that I can afford this property, But, how much is it?
why don't you put the MLS# it would make it easier to find how much.The company that is sell it is a JOKE
What's the price ?
That's my dream. I would love to own that property.
When WW3 breaks out and mass invasions of Russian and Cubans and the Chinese from the west this land and cabin will not survive it will be no place for refuge and safety you can be sure of that the whole east coast will be under attack and many major cities nuked and millions dying from no good water and food and also no cars or trains or planes think about, WW3 is only 12 15 years in the near future, but Americans are stupid people they think America will always be a free country and no other nation can hurt us, you all have another things coming that kind of thinking is a pure sign of pure dumbness...
Is this land camping or trailer okay?
it's a trick it's going to flood the globalists is going to flood it out
if only it is still there
please I need just the price and I would come for it
How much is it?
what software did you use to make this?
This is a very good property, No problem with water flow, I've never seen it flooded. I walked thorugh this property many times as a teen, hiking from Mountain Veiw Motel, through the woods for a few miles, to Lake Russell dam. I would buy this property, if I could afford it !!!!!!!! ( PS, I know the Ballards, but have no reason to help sale, I just love this property, because I spent so much time there as a teen -fond memories)
Very low elevation (compared to surrounding area) property land. Would not recommend buying.

The area does not seem to be dry so when it starts raining you might see the problems. Water will need to flow to the lake through your property land which is a depression in the ground itself.
Is it still available? If so shoot me a message.
a ranch?
Is it still Avail? How Much?

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