Buy Land Cheap in Florida, Lots for Sale in Florida, Florida Land for Sale

Buy Land Cheap in Florida, Lots for Sale in Florida, Florida Land for Sale

Nobody wants these places and they are so cheap because of the hurricane and flood zone I’d love to live by the beach but there is no way I could afford to build a hurricane proof home it’s cheaper just to park a camper and as soon as a hurricane is about to show up just take off with it but of coarse we have zoneing issues that may not give you that option...
once you finance and everything is paid for do you give them their deed to the property or is it another property scam
how far from gulf of mexico beaches?
how far from town?
are they zoned for mobile or modular homes?
That is a ghost town.
i love your guy . you make is so easy for people to have they dream . thank you .
What is that accent? It sounds like a "carpet bagger" selling Florida land for more than it's worth. Why not let the locals sell their own land?...Instead of you intervening to make your self a profit.
The answer will be chain link fence that keeps out
the big ones- these are fantastically good prices.
Fine but google about the pythons invading
Collier County- record breaking monsters are
all over that Golden Gate Area. Now its a great deal-
just load up that shot gun.
goodbye new york !
This video was 4 years ago.. Is it still for sale.?

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