Busted! Farmer shows off pot farm on YouTube

Busted! Farmer shows off pot farm on YouTube

Depending on the area, it's normal for 10 pounds to go from 10 to 20 thousand for good weed.
What is uncut pot you dumb bitch.
Nancy is a alchoholic.
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This is how Americans feel when watching this cringe-fest of mis-information
Lol 10 pounds is absolutely nothing... LOL "AT LEAST" THOUSANDS HAHAHAHA
Somebody needs to smack the fuck out this ignorant bitch
you need unlimited amounts of weed, this argument is stupid, weeds isn't even a drug compared to alcohol.
The police clearly took there script for no reason
This lady just say “uncut marijuana”
This bitch just asked how much 10lbs of "uncut" marijuana is... 😂😂😂
This lady is dumb and doesn't know anything about pot then has this video to mock her on how dumb she is.
Take 10 dollars multiply that into hundreds. That's a lot of money
10 pounds is roughly 44,800 dollars on the street
pls can I have dime bag of uncut weeds pls?
She says the dog is responsible for all of this??
civil dissonance is the bedrock of America, learn your fucking history
And this bitch probly drowns her self in alcohol
Shut up bitch you know about that dime bag, can we hook up now?
haha these people know nothing about growing pot. just wait till they figure out what the emerald triangle is (mendocino humboldt and trinity county) it would be their top story hahaha.

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