Bullets of Justice Trailer

Bullets of Justice Trailer

BRILLIANT!!!!! Great filming, awesome effects ,freaky creatures and a great cast!!! Big thumbs up!!!!!
"Cut, cut, cut! We're not getting enough shots of the pig men shitting themselves!"
"Uh, sir, couldn't we ju-"
is this pigsy?
Wtf XD
The fuk is this movie
pelicula qla bizarra, pero se ve re buena jajaja
GOD is a HUMAN mistake!
I cant found it 😤😤
The guy is smashing his sister

Wtf you brought to this cursed land
so we are going to ignore the fact that the guy had a gun when he was getting laid?
They mungos not more
Ithenna maira.. Movie aano atho vere enthelumano... Full sadhanamundo.. Enna polayatta ithu, samshayam chodhikkamennu vachappol ullathellam saippummarum, malayalikalarum kandille ithonnum, vidhyabyasamulla oru malayaliyumille.. Marupadi onnu tharan.
Oly shit
How much money went into this thing?
So this one just the trailer
There no real movie
How the fuck do you shit through pants
What is this ?
When will this be released??? I want to see it
2:42 +18

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