Building a Future with Farmers: Lindsey Lusher Shute at TEDxManhattan 2013

Building a Future with Farmers: Lindsey Lusher Shute at TEDxManhattan 2013

When the petrodollar collapses, ciaos will commence. Victory gardens are essential for survival in financial stressed times
almost all oklahooma is farms and i live on a farm in oklahoma
Love herr... More farmers needed to keep food organic for a healthy Future... More farmers less lawyers n politicians.... LOL
social soil ?
the more farmers, the better! we need farmers not GMO
the reason there are no young farmers it's the same in Ireland is because the older farmers won't retire an by time it's handed down the next person in line is to old to make it worth while investing money into it as they simply won't get it back or anything out of it for there time there
Who votes this video down?  Really?  You don't like small farmers?
Yes, let's get youth learning about farms. Let's make farms sustainable.
To my Google friends view this Tedx Manhattan video
TED Talks are always so cool and this video is no different.
Good for you. Your vision is the hope of the USA.
Thank you for all the work you do! In my eyes, Farming is the most honorable and important occupation one can pursue!
The only thing of substance she said was the subsidies that are creating large corporate farms needs to stop. The problem is government policy is against small farms, from absurd regulation to subsidizing larger corporate farms. We need to stop looking for some large government to pay and start doing for ourselves. Like she is doing but at the same time she cries for more govt handouts. All we need the govt to do is level the playing field and get out of the way
awake and realize the economic terrorism that is taking place, by lack of farm finance
This is great! I'll be sharing!

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