Brave Frontier RPG (EU): Bad Land Vortex Achievement Pts Farming

Brave Frontier RPG (EU): Bad Land Vortex Achievement Pts Farming

if you need to farm Blink, the lvl 2 is the best choice.
if you need to farm Gods, Zel and Frogs lvl 1 is the most convenient.

also, crit-teams helps you one-shotting Blink in lvl 1-2-3.

lvl 4 is crit resistant.
Loving the EU vids man!
In case you didn't know, eu got an update today:
-The green menace (trial ex1)
-Trial 005
-Kikuri and sefia GGC
-Halloween event that starts at 16:00 (if you live in Europe)
-New sphere house upgrades

The halloween event gives tons of usefull rewards if you farm it, a great sphere, 4 gems, TONS of imps/crystals etc, you can also farm lemia (500 merit points) and you can farm an eu exclusive halloween unit (jack).

Good luck :D
blink+gazolina=op shield.
Sucks that Serin isn't even in the dungeon
I myself farms lvl 1 and it works gr8 im getting tons of gods,crystals,imps,burst frogs and ive gotten 10 blinks so far and all from lvl 1
lvl 2 is the way to go!
final fantasy x brave exivus is out,the creator of brave frontier made it, its just like brave frontier dabearsfan
3 lv or 1/2? best farm?
Bear, I know this isn't a Rune Story Vid, but I want to reset my account and don't know how to do it, I'm on iOS btw. Thanks bud.
i can't pass level 2
ha lol oops XD
I miss the good old times when people read the news and new about important shit.

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