Brave Frontier - Farming EXP (Fastest way to level up your account)

Brave Frontier - Farming EXP (Fastest way to level up your account)

ТТТТааkее асtiоn guуs: usе this link ...bеfоrе they runs оut !! Links Heееrе!! --- === !! Guidеs рlасеd right hеrе соmmоnlу wоrking. Just gоt thаt 9999999 Crеdits
i use thelast bos i get 6000 exp each run
Where should I level up if im a level 58 & I have two 7 stars & three 5 stars?
i play the monday dungeon its the best way of all time for lvl 100 or over... maybe not for 150's BUT if it 2x
HI PEOPLE! GO HERE--> FOR THE Brave Frontier CHEAT THAT WORKS! IM USING IT :) Brave Frontier - Farming EXP (Fastest way to level up your account)
I have Ardent Dawn Avant 2 Spheres: Dandelga and Ihsir's Guise Breaker UBB 4778718730
Where should I level from 87? I'm only in palmyna at Amdahl.
Man, In Eu the whole mistral thing has 2x xp. also the fast forward button. so lvling is very easy
Guys I'm Level 93 and have a whole Six Star Squad except for 1 three star because of cost issues...any suggestions on where a good place would be for me to farm? I'm at agni region on Ryvern on the first quest...if you could leave any suggestions that would be a great help!!!
I'm lvl 89 what should I do? I'm at the Agni region place
I'm level 76 where should i farm?
Where should i lvl up?Im lvl 193
where should i farm am lvl 90
Im level 41 where should i farm? 3 of my units are 5 stars and 2 are 4 stars.
where should i farm if im lvl 120
I got three six star units. I have zephu, zephyr, Michele in six stars and the last two are weak and only two and three stars.
Mines is 5984381252.
My leader is Vargas.
well theres no way im going to be getting fei now =-=
We're should I level up at level 75

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