Borderlands2 Pyro Pete the Invincible Dynamic Fibber kill

Borderlands2 Pyro Pete the Invincible Dynamic Fibber kill

now try immolate + banshee class mod & hoplite shield exploit together with this

not sure if a sand hawk + legendary cat + ancient relic or Sherrif's badge + Fibber + Banshee is faster
Whoa that is a massive mag size. Mines is only 11
BorderLands 2: Exploit to win!
Nice method with the grenade jump to the ledge.
Haha I Gunzerk with two Redundant Fibbers, and have an Axton slag with his turret. He dies in about 15 seconds.
nicely done!
It's a Dynamic Fibber, it has a firerate bonus on. The Sherrif's badge has a 55% pistol firerate bonus as well. You are thinking about the Redundant Fibber which does x2 the dmg but at a much slower firerate.
fibbers op

3540 | 20 | 1m 40s

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