Borderlands 2 | Pyro Pete vs Salvador | OP8 Raid Guide + Game Save

Borderlands 2 | Pyro Pete vs Salvador | OP8 Raid Guide + Game Save

He sounds like lumpy space princess
If a't have the guns and gear that you have, they'
Hey Joltz could you do a Javel Krieg Download?
Ur Demi GOD
the hoplite trick still work ?
So SicK...!!
are u able to do this on vorac with the savages
i like to use inconcieveable for this because pete never trips over himself for me and i can get more shots fired from one clip and pulled off a 2 seccond kill with this.
How do you get your health to 1 with hoplite?
Joltz, do you think this can be done at lvl 61?
Hey joltz, big fan here. Small request, would you be able to do a level 61 build along with your coming guides? Not all people has digistruc peak pack. Thanks a lot
I tried this on Xbox One (Handsome Edition) and it didn't work, did Gearbox patch this on Handsome Edition or did I do it wrong?
how do you rank up OP levels? do you have to be lvl 72
Do we need the hoplite?
Sorry to point this out but it's pronounced PIPE-ing hot not PIP-nig hot
You dont use "Out of bubblegum" skill in this setup, bcuz its only working when ur shield is depleted. Also Sandhawk with dmg prefix(stoping) is working better here, bcuz it has more dmg. So you can kill him more safely and faster.
Dude can you make video with smashing vokardius build tommorow?
Dude thanks for gamesave you have a very lucky charakter I got 5 legenderys in 3 runs)Thanks so much
Krieg  still easier
Can't wait to see how you get rid of Vorac playing Krieg

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