Borderlands 2 | Pyro Pete vs Maya | OP8 Raid Guide + Game Save

Borderlands 2 | Pyro Pete vs Maya | OP8 Raid Guide + Game Save

Thanks a lot,most videos are old and their tatics doesnt work anymore cause it has been patched,but yours is fresh
Good job
If I download the save will I get the legendary cat even if I dont have the digistruct dlc?
There's no way to download that save to a PS4 right? Sorry I'm new to this kind of thing.
I finally figured out how to rocket jump :D the double shot is what I have issues with lol
why not switch to a lady fist before the sand hawk pellets land?
Yo wreck is pretty good if you can make it work... when i can it makes the farm faster
so if you download the game save, you get to copy all the guns and equipment you show? sorry...I'm new to all tbis.
Can be done in a minute and a half he says...
Meanwhile, WR time on Time trails is 1:37.
You've got work to do Joltz ;)
I was an idiot and tried to kill Pete with a fire sandhawk. After 10 mins and his healthbar not moving i look at his name and see Pyro.
where's that game save at faggot?
did u say clit? xD
T r e s s p a s s i n g the clit
Maya versus dragons and vora ?
Hey anyone able to help me get to op 8 I have an op2 commando currently just need extra help message me on PS4 iTzPrOgAmErLiAm
What are the best parts for a trespasser?
Hey Joltz will you continue this series? I would love to see a Zer0 series.
hey joltz we need a vorac vs gaige guide! (i dont know if you did any :) )
Would the lady's fist have the same effect as the trespasser or is it just a unique thing to the trespasser? If so where can I farm it?
Joltz how do you get the frozen wrath skin (the one your wearing) to drop :| is it just random?

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