Borderlands 2 | Pyro Pete TRIPLE LEGENDARY DROP!!

Borderlands 2 | Pyro Pete TRIPLE LEGENDARY DROP!!

no way!
glad someone is still bringing out decent borderlands 2 content to this day
Do you play on ps4 k6
I Got 3 legendary drops from the dragons
If you can help Killer 6 id appreciate any tips I'm a follower of yours.You are awsome at this game so I figured why not ask for tips from one of the best!! My opinion of course.Thanks bro!
anyone please tell me how do I get past level 61 Borderlands 2 and why cant I get any xp at level 61. New gamer here! Can someone please help totally pissed off and frustrated!!Thanks
Hammerlock: Walks Through A Door FUCK PHYSICS!!!
Uh yeah, a triple, baby!
one pete dropped me a bearcat and a sham same run
man all I got was a bearcat
So idk why but Ive noticed when playing with my friends on ps4 I always kill my friends with bloodsplosion
OK so I read your description of borderlands 2 and I just have to say if that was on the back of the game case I would have bought it then and there
1:45 Now why would Awesome be standing there??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I LOVE these new kind of funny moments videos great work! Love it!
His friends "Its malawan grip"

K6 "Thats a dahl grip isn't it?
The best thing I've got from Pete is the Bee you luckies! Dupe up lol
hey killersix have you heard of someone on PS4 called wolferdogpup he is my good friend I hear that he figured out that you are a fake and use modded accounts and mod the game to get what you want and btw this is my very good friend we have both sworn never to lie to each other so just tell me what you think about that.
Hey guys I need help im going to do the whole campaign of borderlands 2 and pre squeal and I was wondering if should just start new or finish with my level 38 gunzerker.if start new with who?
I was just solo-ing today got the baby maker , veruc on the first try in UVHM and I was using a lvl 45 Zero my first character.

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