Borderlands 2 - Pyro Pete The Invincible Raid Boss - Solo Gunzerker Kill (UVHM)

Borderlands 2 - Pyro Pete The Invincible Raid Boss - Solo Gunzerker Kill (UVHM)

I really hate Pyro Pete the Ultra Invincible, I tried to solo him with my lvl 66 Mechromancer and I retried 4 times. Looks like its because my gun sucks :)
I am been farming Pyro Pete the Ultra Invincible the below list are my Confirm Drop’s when I am Farming Pyro pete . (playing on PS3) 100+ Run that i have as of now.

[Legendary Drops]: The Bee, the Sham, the Cradle, The Impeller, Gunzerker MOD, Mecromancher MOD,    Assassin Mod, Soldier Mod, Pysco Mod, Siren Mod, Bunny, Leech, Quassar, home front,  Tunderbox, Hellfire, baby maker, Shreddifier , Flanker, Madhouse, Fasst ball,  maybe more lots more XD

My first Double Drop Legendary (pyro pete) : The Bee and Hellfire

[Seraphs]: Hoptile, Blaster, 0-Negative

Then this weapon class SHOCKS me when Pyro Pete drop PEARLs!!!!!!!

[Pearls]: Stalker(my first PEARL) and the Avenger, Storm, Unforgiven aswel hoping to get the Butcher too T^T

PS: just to give other Fans and Gamer so they can have a Idea who have the most LEGENDARY Drop for all Raid Bossess for me at a time i am Farming Pyro Pete the Ultra Invincible my RUN count is at 100+ now and all the items above are the drops i have Confirm i think Pyro pete have the most Beef up Drop rate of all i am still in Shock when he Drop my First Pearl weapon the Stalker and the Avenger in one Night XD.
Your cool man
Deffinatly nice mods and hacks your play through was not legit so what you do merge the pistol you used with lady fists then switched it out to make you look good BTW nice invunerablity glitch BTW I got a raid boss set up I destroy just about all of them with atleast one other person soloing is not possible
Nice cheatnot getting hit by his flamthrowers you weren't out of there distance and no shield drop bounty full I also use a gunzerker as well and idc if u have the fast feet teir done your not out running him or his weapon
How do you switch one weapon at a time? A reply from anyone answering would be amazing, thanks in advance!
i killed him with no bee shiel only sham and uh
the build please
i kill fast pete the invincible with the bee shield,fiber pistols shock and slag and pistol relik !
To Rory, I have the OP8 class mod if you would invite me 2 your game. My gamertag is: Tortoise DETH
Please can I see your build?
Wish I could get some Seraph Crystals, I could use some to buy some gear.
Not bad for a bee shield set up. But i kill him in 10/30sec lol

just had a look at that build, pretty interesting, I do need to pick up a moneyshot class mod, money shot is jus freakin amazing

Awesome ! :D
Ok. I'm a lv 44 assassin and he is only lv 32, and he still keeps killing me. Can someone help me out? I play on xbox. User name NUKERFROM2025. And please bring some badass guns with you.
Hey i have a question, if i reset uvhm but i've completed most of the dlc's and still have quest from some of them left do they also reset or just the uvhm original story line reset? I really need some1 to answer this fast, much appreciated! And Rleeson you rule!
Some one dupe a level 50 or 61 sandhawk gt ghostprotocal24

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