Borderlands 2 Pyro Pete Challenge - Live Stream!!

Borderlands 2 Pyro Pete Challenge - Live Stream!!

Smash head's chest just gave me a corrosive impaler
what grenade do you have
It won't let me press the button and i see ppl throwing grenades but I tried and it doesn't work I'm lvl 45 on true vault hunter mode can some one please help me
Merry Christmas
I don't get it how do you guys farm this guy i tried and the slot is locked
So, I have challenged myself to do 50 kills.
I'm going to document legendaries, pearls of course.
I'm going to document what dropped on each run, such as the legendaries and pearls.
I'm also going to document the average of Eridum and Sereph crystals he drops.
Considering he is 8 eridum to kill, I want to see if I can get most of them back.
I also want to know how many crystals he dropps on an average to see if he is worth farming for crystals.
And see what his average drop rate is. 50 kills should let me get a better understanding.
And considering I want to be a youtuber like you, and be as good as you, I want to challenge myself as well. Even though I can't make vids yet because I don't have a apple computer.

Thank you for all your inspiration and hard work. You are my professional hero
hey bro do you know why there isn't a button to summon Pyro pete?
Ugh, I try to kill him multiple times but yet no Legendaries. :(
Ugh Pete has dropped me a fabled tortoise 3 times, it's so bad
sup rleeson 85 im a big fane
Why do you use a level 30 crossfire that does nothing to enemies
Pretty good. Thanks for asking.
and a pearl in the chest
Pete dropped a pearl and a big boom blaster
(Kinda late)
Got a harold from petey XD
Fabled Tortoise and Hoplite which are syblings were right next to each other.

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