Borderlands 2: Pete Farming at OP 8, got a Pearl!

Borderlands 2: Pete Farming at OP 8, got a Pearl!

I loved playing this game but always had the worst luck getting weapons I wanted. I’ve never had the infinity pistol except for once at lvl 12. The shield was oh get off the radio guy I have never got either. I played BL2 years after it was released. I haven’t went up against a lot of the raid bosses except terramantis. I have always want to fight the boss you get the best rocket launcher from but haven’t yet just cause I have such bad luck with drops in this game.
I got a world drop pearl from story pyro pete, i made a vid about it
Yo anyone know how I can beet invincibles quick? I’m lvl 72 op8
I went to washburne refinery got a neogenator from a robot then looked in a chest and got a storm
you remind me of judah from bojack horseman
i'm sure you know there's an exploit on a ledge behind the two columns that you have to jump up to. you didn't seem to need it, however :)
Welp, i got a pearlescent storm from the torgue architect in the bar... after the uncountable times of bar brawls
I'm getting low on money * has 96M
sry I'm new to this game. why need to switch the one shot sniper at 16:57? your first shot didnt do any damage though
This guy is a fucking pussy
Did you do you level legit then gibbed on your other characters?
You need to be more funny
Why do you always sound so depressed
i love watching your borderlands content although this game is old i still play it
he is so chill
5:33 Look at that cash
why do you disable bonus stats?
Why do people in general (and MOLMF) use longbow slag transfusions instead of the respective O-Negative? Is it personal preference, or has Gearbox's balancing division had another aneurism?
rip he died in a train accident while driving drunk, ironic, isn't it?
I must say, I had such fond memories of BL2 and was a bit disappointed by TPS but after playing through TPS and then BL2 I completely destroyed my memories and man is TPS better in a lot of ways (mostly movement and gun handling tho)

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