Borderlands 2 | OP0 Pyro Pete vs Melee Zero In 1:58

Borderlands 2 | OP0 Pyro Pete vs Melee Zero In 1:58

Can’t wait tell you do terra
You can have two skills? That's so fucking Raven, dude.
Ok so here is what I need to be a melee zero a grog nozzle a better roid shield chain lightning and level 72 I have the rapier though
Wow :-|
fuuuuuk man how u do soooo much damage bro. any way liked vid
1 dislike Pyro Pete :D
if you activate Decepti0n while going ADS with your gun, you skip the decoy throw animation
I use an inflammable Hide because that fire DOT scares me lol. You can stack 3 of the corrosive DOTs before it gets close to tough on OP0 though.
Joltzdude your awesome
That bg music is epic.
Joltz, I have a question. Is it possible to modify the melee damage bonus from the rapier in gibbed? Like, instead of 200% you could change it to 300%?
where are the streams mannn
What's the critical multiplier on melee?
I will simply say, good video dude :)
should have used inflammable hide ............
is anyone able to get me a lvl 50 lvl 60 and lvl 72 grog nozzle
that was absolutely effin awesome!!!! :-)
Yaaaay 3
Melee Zero :D
Thanks Joltz
Just one question : Why do you wait the end of the timer for dash? I've some ideas but not sure about them

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