Borderlands 2 - Mechromancer - Pyro Pete Solo Easy Glitch Spot

Borderlands 2 - Mechromancer - Pyro Pete Solo Easy Glitch Spot

This was soooooooo helpful thx
does this work with other characters aswell?
This trick is SUPER helpful, made this fight WAY easier! Thanks for the upload :D
THAANKS A LOT! But does it work in novadays, after that patch?
I feel like they nerfed this fight, he used to completely rape me in true mode when I tried him previously. This little trick made the fight an absolute breeze though despite still getting hit by the novas. They seem to do hardly any damage now and having him get stuck makes it easy to deal with the adds that spawn when using the water. Thanks for sharing this though seriously.
Nice gonna try and solo this once I reach lvl 72. Mech is AWESOME
YOU ARE THE HERO OF PANDORA!!!! Lol!! Thanks a lot! I'm fighting this dude now on normal mode and my god this dude has a lot of health. The glitch still works, but he eventually jumps and forces you out of the spot rendering you to do it all over again, but now as I'm fighting him, he got his dumb ass stuck up there!! Lol. Thanks a lot
Wow, 5k views. Thanks everyone!
Hello there, I'm on Steam (PC), no PSN. Sorry ^^'
Add me!! Psn:kinglummox
Awesome! Glad it helped. =)
Thanks a lot! I had to figure it that out and this video was extremely helpful!
He did, but I fast forwarded that part. If he's on the ledge and you're down, just go behind the pillar to break LoS (line of sight) when he does the nova and it will not hit you.
Howcome he never used his nova while he was stuck up there? He always does it to me :/
I don't play with that build, just used it to make the boss go faster and take a bit more advantage of shock in the beginning.
Yes, it should. =)
Would this work for Zer0 on the Xbox?
I will be adding annotations to the vid later. Sorry about the lack of explanation.

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