Borderlands 2: Gunzerker Amp Glitch follow up [Killing Pyro Pete]

Borderlands 2: Gunzerker Amp Glitch follow up [Killing Pyro Pete]

Does this still work or have they patched it
Do your skill points have to be turned off to perform this glitch?
Guys i recommend farming torgue vending machines while trying to stack, so you can kill two birds with one stone and do it with infinite shield glitch and well shit...
does it work on console?
And then there is Axton with 30% melee damage on his slills.Trash class
Trying on 360 to one shot Terra won't work.Suggestions?
Derch just gve you a shoutout in his most recent vid. I had no idea how much influence you had. What other glitches did you find that were popularized?
Does it only work for sal
How do you go so fast?
Don't mean to sound angry/disrespectful, I'm just tired of patches ruining cool, goofy, weird shit lol.
I can´t make the save and quit thing work with my amplify shield. I guess I must be doing something wrong.
now lets just try with a Buck Up stack... or like a lot of Buck Up stacks, and Infinity Pistol...
so basicly stack dmg use harold bam bam done?
i want to see an unforeseen damage stack glitch so that zero's novas can 1shot
does it work on other characters?
how many stacks do you recommend?
Does it work in co-op?
I hope they don't patch the game again because the broken things like this make the game fun at this point
Awesome video is it possible for you to make a save file for this Salvador character I really want to try and use this glitch to speed farm pyro pete.

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