Blake Shelton - Home (Official Music Video)

Blake Shelton - Home (Official Music Video)

I wanna go home👍
Love this song by Blake and the commercial version too, by Michael Buble...both men have great voices!
Luv u Blake 💕listening to ur songs made me so loved it
Love this song. ♥️
I miss u💗
Eu amo tudo isso eu sou apaixonada por música...💋😘🙏
Country music all that wasted time country music all that wasted time
Nossa que lindo😙
I love Blake Shelton
Uh, kako je super pjesma,,,,
Listening 23/03/19
WOW, extremely handsome with a fabulous voice...……….OK, I love him
My favorite song until now! ❤️
Cant believe he is from Ada, Oklahoma. I listened to this song 6 years ago, and now i am in Oklahoma.
Don't push away the people who love you. Take my advice before you suffer the bitter consequences.
I would rather play in a mud puddle if I can share the moment with someone than be anywhere else alone. I'm beginning to understand that I don't want to sacrifice relationship for experience, if there's no one there to share the moment with. I hear the pain in Blake's voice, He's in Europe trying to enjoy himself, a place many people would love to go, but he's missing someone. We can all think of that someone.
Every night before sleep I listening this song
Best song
I played this for a homeless man who has never had a home.. In a short time with a little help he has managed to regain his dignity.. I guess this song could have different meanings for different people and different things.. Thank you Blake..xo
Is this Blake Shelton song or Michael Bublé song?

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