Blake Shelton - Home (Official Video)

Blake Shelton - Home (Official Video)

Blake never disappointed me @cucatweet
2018 n I am still into it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nice​ song
Marca a presença 2018 é nois ❤❤✌

It’s been 3years I work in the other country , every night before I sleep I listen to this song and it’s always makes me cry 😢 i miss my family and friends so much , I wish that I can meet them again after soon
This song always makes me miss my girlfriend when I'm on the road I'm a long haul truck driver and it makes me want to go home to her whenever she isn't with me.....great song
Love this song. Love his voice ❤️
Made me think when I was in Afghanistan of everything that mattered 2008-2011.... I'm home now!!! Thank you Blake...
Absen is there still anyone?
Let me go home

She was my home, now I'm without a home to return to.
This. Is it,?
Muy buena canción 👍🏻👍🏻
Wow he looks so young here
I wanna Go Home.
Beautiful song, handsome man.
I'm ready❤❤❤❣🌞

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