Blake Shelton - Home (Official Video)

Blake Shelton - Home (Official Video)

I found my self listening to this music again and again 🙄
Blake, maravilhoso!❤❤❤
Linda Música!❤❤❤
Make my missing in country's..not metropolitan..salute your style
Lov E ! . 2018 ✨💛
so tender this song, and the voice, so romantic.
December 2018 anyone still here?
Thank you for this song!
2018 is near to end soon . Who is still watching in December before Christmas?😘
Can't stop listening "home"
Escucharla tantas veces y seguir sintiendo lo mismo cada vez 😍
Thank you! Blake
Listening to this in 2018 and i just wanna know how the hell this has 4k dislikes
Hey buddies try hear the same song from Agus hafiluddin.. Sure you will cry... His voice amazing then original voice..
December 2018 here!
Ever since my family migrated in Australia last 2010 i felt alonce since then.. They left a big hole in my heart that no one can replace.. How i wish i can celebrate holidays again with them one day..
From somalia wow i love this song Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I wanna go home
Oh, I miss you, you know
Dec 2018 like who still watching

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